Website is being revised to show Classy Custom Embridery new items.  Please check out the current pictures and return for updated ones.  

Classy Custom Embroidery  plus Bling

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Classy Custom Embroidery  
plus Bling and Vinyl is my delight, fun and self expression,
doing just what I love to do.  
Adding crystals to garments blossomed into an
extension of my business name. 

I can turn your picture into stitches and sew it out.
The lingo for that is called digitizing.
Thus, with all my equipment, software and training, 
I can pretty well decorate any item with
most designs you can imagine. 
I added this picture to let you know that I mean business
with my equipment. 


Select the blocks on the left side of this page to take
you to photos and descriptions of
products made and decorated by Classy Custom Embroidery. 

Easy to order instructions on the Contact Me / Catalog page. 

And please sign the Guest Book for fun. 

Looking forward to making something for you.

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