Special Order Fender Covers

Classy Custom Embroidery  plus Bling

Nautical Items

Enjoy the scroll through the many

Nautical shirts and items.

A variety of Ladies T-shirts with the Shelter Bay Burgee all in Crystals. 

Some selected the crystals around neck line. 

Made to each
 specific selection by customer.

Ladies  t-shirt  decorated with
crystal and metal anchor design
and added crystals
around neck line.



This is a purchased design pressed

onto a blank t-shirt. 

These designs can be modified
to reflect your style.


This is a symbol for our yacht club
  for a special occasion.

Denim highlights embroidery with class
and displays logos nicely


This embroidered anchor
a nautical flavor to
your shirt with
added flowers, line (rope) and
crystals to enhance the design.


Even arm slings can be Nautical.
Decorating the sling has become a trait that folks from our yacht club
have appreciated.  Making a smiling entrance with a bad injury
has helped heal more than one of us.  
Bling goes everywhere!!!

Men's woven shirts are a
BIG hit for
Yacht Club logos.  


These garments show logos
embroidered on T-shirts, sweatshirt hoodie and denim shirts. 

All are great item to
embroidery logos or designs.


Fender Covers

Made of Fleece to fit your fenders.

Embroidered with your
boat name in your
selected colors


The pictures below are
very satisfied customers
with their
custom fender covers. 



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