Any place you imagine embroidery and crystals,
              they will enhance the design.


Classy Custom Embroidery  plus Bling

Crystals on Embroidery

Little girl shirts.

A few crystals added to a
cute design
  give them Bling
and make them smile.


A very popular
 idea for gifts from Grandparents.


  My Blue Ribbon

My most popular design,
in gold thread covered with  
with crystals. 

What glitz and Bling you will wear
with this one. 


  Glisten in Style !!!

An exercise shirt
embroidered to
bring smiles
while working out.

Crystals added for
Bling and sparkle.

A very popular motif.


More exercise shirts

or excuses for exercise

- embroidered and

decorated with crystals. 

Lots of fun to create and to wear.


Martini Time

Two embroidered green olives
on a yellow tooth pick fit
right into a crystal martini glass.

Crystals decorate the scoop
neck line of the t-shirt. 

A very popular gift shirt. 

Brings lots of smiles.


Combining embroidery and crystals
gives lots of room for creativity. 

This pictures looks off shape but
 it is only because the
garment is on a body. 

Another very popular design
for lots of fun and great gift giving


More fun and laughter. 

I sell more of this shirt than any other!!!!

Great for wearing and for gifts. 
No embroidery - 
Just Crystals.

Remember I am a seamstress, not a photographer.  :)

Elaborate Embroidery to Casual
Crystals on Embroidery

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