All you need is a little imagination
and I can make it for you. 

Classy Custom Embroidery  plus Bling



Here is a delightful gift for

a hair dresser on

your choice of shirt. 


Yes, this is a crystal star on a
black bra. 

Being creative and having fun
with crystals has no end.



Shoes, Shoes, Shoes....
what will we think of next.

Shoes are decorated in the best of stores
and I do
just for you. 


Wear your own logo to advertise your business.


Baby Oniees are a great gift and so fun to personalize.  The teddy bear
can wear the small onsiee when the baby out grows it.

Towels make great gifts!
Special Occasions
House Warming
New Boat
Personalized is great too.


Custom Embroidery on just
about anything. 

Show off your items to your customers with class.

Web Hosting Companies